What to buy on sale this 4th of July

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The month of June has flown by and here we are in almost in July. Summer is officially here and everyone is looking forward to July 4th weekend. That means fun, sun, beach, BBQ, and most importantly 4th of July blowout sales. Most retailers are trying to get rid of summer items so that they can start to prepare for back to school and fall items.

The Fourth of July celebrates our country’s independence but it also offers consumers a chance to grab discounts on big ticket items. This year’s sales will save you on things like appliances, electronics and even polish for Fourth of July-inspired nails.


Stores are putting out commercials daily about items that will be going on sale shortly. There are actually some things that you should wait until big sale days like this to purchase. 4th of July blowout sales are among us and here is what you need to know.

Summer Apparel- Most stores start putting out summer gear- shorts, skirts, tanks, swimwear, sandals etc. out as soon as April. Well by July most of these items are going on sale so that they can prepare for the fall season. Lucky for you , you will be able to stock up on awesome kids, men and women clothing and accessories for a fraction of the price. Just about every department store will be on sale. You can really use this opportunity to stock up on different sizes of children clothing. Perhaps you can find a deal that they may be able to use next season.

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By July, tank tops, shorts and flip-flops have been on display for several weeks — and in some cases, several months — so it’s finally time to stock up.

By this point in the season, don’t settle for anything less than a sale price on summer apparel. Look for store wide discount events and coupons specifically for clothing departments. This year has been very difficult for most . Many have had life changing events that have happened this year which has put a lot of pressure on your finances. This is a good way to stock up on items for a reduced price.

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Tools are another item that miraculously gets hugely discounted around 4th of July. Why do you ask? Well Father’s Day is officially over. The stores now hugely discount tools that weren’t snapped up as gifts for Dad. Since many DIYers will be taking advantage of the long weekend to catch up on home improvement projects, it seems like a good time to visit your local hardware store.

Grills. Grills, grills, grills! You’ll find them at many major retailers for as much as 60% off. Head to stores like Sears, Home Depot, and Walmart to hunt down a shiny new grill from multiple top brands. Everyone loves a BBQ so why not be prepared by getting yourself a new grill on sale and really get ready for summer.

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Patio furniture. Summer days beg to be spent outside, sprawled out on a hammock or lounging on a lawn chair, popsicle in hand. This season, you can get ahold of all the patio furniture you need to live out the summertime dream at as much as 60% off. Just check out the Fourth of July sales. Many stores offer great deals on patio furniture. If you were holding off to replace your patio furniture that has seen better days, no better time. You can take advantage of the sales and get good quality, long lasting patio furniture that will last and you can enjoy for years to come.

Celebrate the 4th of July in (and around) Scottsdale | Scottsdale ...

Appliances. Saving up for a new fridge or AC unit? Act now, and you could purchase your coveted appliances at up to 40% of at stores like Best Buy, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sears. Score deals on fridges, stove tops, washer-dryers and other major appliances from top brands like Kenmore and Samsung. The refrigerator and AC unit are not the type of items that you want to replace. If there is an issue or its way past it’s time for replacement, it’s better to just replace. Waiting can cause lots of frustration . Nothing worst than being in a hot house in the summer time when the AC unit has stopped working and you have to wait for installation. That is a treacherous time. If you have a family in that house that have to suffer through that also, it could be very hard. The refrigerator not being replaced in time can lead to tons of spoiled food which can be pricey on top of having to replace the entire appliance. Do yourself a favor and at least look at the deals. It may be worth it.

Be late. Indulge in luxury sheets
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 As with any holiday, Fourth of July sees its fair share of mattress deals. If you missed Memorial and President’s Day sales, you may be able to find an attractive mattress offer Mattress Firm, big-box retailers and online mattress companies. During previous Independence Day sales, these stores have offered up mattresses at up to 60% off, plus free gifts with purchase. If you’ve ever slept on a very uncomfortable mattress, that could be something most dread. You spend so much of your time on the bed, you may as well have a comfortable mattress to make it more pleasant. There are so many different types of mattress, make sure that you find the right one that fits your comfort level and is easy on the wallet.

Patriotic Items– If there is one time of year that you will not fall short in finding red, white, and blue items, it is definitely 4th of July. It seems that everything is as such and most items are on sale. That is awesome for you because you stand the change to land some great sales and deals.

Paint- Yep it’s one of those things that you didn’t really put much thought and effort into, but what a better time of year to paint the house or work on a painting project that you’ve put off all winter. This is great since you can leave the windows open while it dries without getting frozen out of the house. You can properly vent and paint is very cheap around 4th of July.

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Furniture– Now that the living room has a fresh coat of paint, replace your ratty sofa and finally get the comfy chair you always wanted. New inventory tends to hit some stores  in August, which means July is the month for them to clear out the old. If you can’t stand the sight of that stained couch any longer, now could be the time for a replacement. Look for these discounts especially around Fourth of July, another popular holiday retailers use to promote big sales.


Jewelry-There are no do-or-die jewelry holidays in July. This is good news for bargain hunters, since it means that jewelers slash their prices to keep their sales from getting too sluggish. You may actually be able to now afford those diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing for months or that tennis bracelet that may otherwise be considered out of your budget. It’s a win win for all. You get to indulge just a little without breaking the bank and the jewelry stores get to sell items in a regularly slow time of year because there are no holidays that would usually make them very busy.

Bikes & Camping Equipment– With the summer travel season half done, outdoor gear goes on sale. Buy now and you’ll get some enjoyment out of it before you have to pack it away for the winter. You’ll definitely be able to ride you bike and use camping equipment through the rest of the summer and through the fall. Getting those items on sale is a perk.

Whatever you decide to buy this 4th of July, make sure you aim to get it on sale. There is no better time to make a large purchase than when its most economical. Given the current state of the world at this time, it is necessary and very important that you protect your finances. Every financial decision that you make can have longstanding effects. It’s always best to make sure those dcisions are wise.

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